Published on 28.05.2018

Last blog post focused on the gears making your run more fun . But even the best equipment will not help you, if your running technique is wrong. So after running over 2000 kilometers with my two kids, I can finally share with you few tips and tricks about how I made my run more enjoyable. Watch out the instructional video.

I know, that theory sucks and you are most likely fed up with all security warnings but when you are running with a stroller, it’s a good advice to use the safety strip fastened to your arm. This strip will stop the stroller in case anything happens to you but I’m sure, you won’t need it in 100% of cases, but one never knows. 
So how to start running with babies? I did lot of mistakes when I went for my first run. I was holding the stroller with both hands leaning forward and pushing hard. You’ll probably experience the same as pushing pram will significantly affects your free move, to which you were used to before. After few more runs, I felt more confident , started to test new styles and techniques and here is a list of recommendations:

  • Calibrate the stroller – before you go for a run, ALWAYS  make sure, that your stroller does not have a tendency to turn to one side. It will require more power to keep it going straight and you won’t enjoy the run at all. If you’ll eventually go inline skating, you would feel the wrong calibration even more in higher speed. Make sure to have some tools for calibration with you all the time. I usually found out, , that the stroller wasn’t going straight after couple  hundred meters and I really didn’t don't want to run back.
  • Check the air pressure - if your stroller has inflatable tires, check the pressure regularly. Different pressure may cause the stroller turning to sides.
  • Use the safety strip - yes, I talked about that already :-)
  • Do not lean forward - stand naturally upright and don’t lean on the stroller. It’s very similar to what you see in the gym, when people run on the treadmill and hold the front bar. Standing straight will ease your back and release all the back pain. You have to think about this when you start with running, but it will become natural to you after some time. 
  • Run next to the stroller - this requires already some training and confidence, but if you run next to the stroller (not behind) and hold it with one hand only, it will help you to stand straight.
  • Hold the stroller loosely – it doesn’t matter if you hold the stroller with both hands or just one hand only (recommended), but in any case, try not to hold the stroller tight and better push it lightly in front of you and lose your hold. This will help you with stroller manipulation, once you get some speed and also will make you feel like without any extra weight.
  • Change sides regularly - if you hold the stroller with one hand, change them during your run. I usually run first half on one side and second on the other, but I am seeing many people changing sides more frequently. By doing that, you will make sure, that you strain both legs and hands equally.
  • Turn with both hands - if you need to make sharp turn, grab the stroller with both hands, lift the front wheels and turn. Both-hand-grip is also good idea, if you have some steep climb section.
  • Use break - if your stroller is equipped with disc breaks, use it! It is especially helpful when you are running downhill, so you don't have to speed up by the gravity.
  • Run without stroller - from time to time, try to run without your babies. Even if you’re confident and already mastered best technique, stroller will change your natural style in some way. It’s good to remember your natural posture it by running without extra weight at least once in two weeks. And of course at the end,you’l again enjoy the feeling of not being the slowest runner on the track and watching other runners backs all the time. 
  • Have fun - I'm usually trying to run while my kids are sleeping. If they aren’t, I’m tryting to entertain them all the time as we arepracticing words they know, sing their favourite songs, show them animals on the route etc. By talking when running , you will keep the right training pace as your heart beat frequency will be ideal. From time to time we make a break to observe  anything interesting - you can rest for a while and your kids will not get bored sitting in the stroller.
  • Warp Up and Cool Down - I was thinking about this point quite a lot, as I’m personally ignoring it in my entire running career as well as many other recommendations :-) I have to push myself and invest in myself those few minutes before and after every run. It will help to ease the muscles and start/relax your heart. Runners who are used to do the stretching should definitely not stop.

Watch out the video below showing you the real run with heavy loaded stroller (two kids age 4 months and 2 years) and providing some more insights into the techniques described in this blog.
I hope you will find those recommendations useful. If you have your own tips and tricks, please share them with me on and I will post them here. 

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