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Why Baby City Guide?

Baby City Guide is an online platform for a community of travelling parents, who are seeking and willing to share relevant information and personal experiences while visiting cities and places all around the world. The tool enables parents to plan easier, travel pleasant and enjoy their unforgettable trip more than ever. The difference between Baby City Guide and other platforms or blogs for travelling parents is, that Baby City Guide is solely built on personal experiences and therefore most valid to its users.

Baby City Guide draws a diverse international audience with a common passion for travel. We aim to be a number one traveling parents community in the world, focusing on families with babies from age 0 to 3 years old. Our main goal is to provide the most trusted and inspirational platform offering relevant destination advice when traveling with our youngest ones.

How will we promote you?

  • Advertise your business on the platform: your company advertisement will be linked to the relevant city or place review
  • Let the community know about you: through our regular updates to the users
  • Show users that you're near by: your shops or stores will be viewed on the map

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