Car seat or holding your baby in arms – tips for flying parents

Children and small babies get used to traveling with parents often very easily. It’s more likely, that you as a parent will have bigger trauma from that experience than your little ones. Our only advise is – plan carefully and don’t get stressed out.


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Last blog post focused on the gears making your run more fun . But even the best equipment will not help you, if your running technique is wrong. So after running over 2000 kilometers with my two kids, I can finally share with you few tips and tricks about how I made my run more enjoyable. Watch...


Travel Around Singapore with Baby

As one of the most baby friendly cities around the world, Singapore has a lot to offer. Don't be afraid to explore this exciting metropole with your buggy. We will show you where to go...


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Moving around Singapore with buggy is pretty easy!


Baby City Guide - How Does It Work?

Do you want to know how does it all work? How to sing up, login, add your own city or place reviews and search for destinations?


Events: Prague (Czech Republic) - St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas day is the day that children adore and are afraid of at the same time. Patron of merchants, sailors and children, Nicholas, who was born in 3th century AD in Turkey, rose a tradition to the today’s model of Santa Claus with his legendary habit of secret gift giving.


Events: Bruges (Belgium) - Ice sculptures festival for children

Fantasy world made of ice in Bruges


Jogging with babies around the world: Right time and place

I am father of 18 months old son and we run together since he was one week old. During the first year we covered over 1000km on 3 continents, in 8 countries and experienced countless stories, which I want to share with you in this blog. Next year there is another challenge in front of us – our...


From parents who travel

The magic word “before” rang probably in every parent’s ears at some point. Even if we all love our children madly, we sometimes refuse to accept that things have changed tremendously with arrival of our little bundle of joy. We had more time for sports before… We were able to meet with our...