Banská Bystrica

Review date: 15.12.2017 01:23
Banska Bystrica is the capital of Central Slovakia, with Hron, second longest river flowing through the 78 thousand inhabitants big city. The main train station is a central point from where you´ll stroll comfortably through the park to the SNP square. Slovakian history will breathe over you while passing the Museum SNP with the tanks in front of it, the...
Karolina Mala
06.01.2018 19:12

Hlavním městem středního Slovenska je Banská Bystrica. Hron, druhá nejdelší středohorská řeka Slovenska, teče...


Flat Hilly Single hill
Lake Land area Seaside River

Public transport


Barrier-free Broken pavements Smooth pavements Cobblestones

Baby friendly activities

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