Review date: 04.11.2017 21:16
Sightseeing Brussels, the capital of Belgium with its population of 1.2milion, is very popular, however it might be somewhat challenging with a buggy. Some streets around the magnificent and historical Grand-Place have nice flat pavements on the sides, but most pavements are cobbled and potentially quite bumpy. Most of the city walks are flat but there is...


Flat Hilly Single hill
Lake Land area Seaside River

Public transport


Barrier-free Broken pavements Smooth pavements Cobblestones

Baby friendly activities

Amusement Park Aquapark Aquarium Botanical gardens Beach Lookout Tower Park ZOO


Places in Brussels


Barrier-free access YES    Baby care room YES   
Review date: 04.11.2017 21:16

Why would you travel around the whole continent if you have the most famous European places literally at your fingertip. Some of the models will surprise you by its details,...

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