Review date: 16.12.2017 14:05
Bushmills is a tiny village located close to the north coast of Northern Ireland. It is a base for trips to the UNESCO’s Giant’s Causeway and home of the famous Bushmills Distillery. A historical train running from the village to the Giant’s Causeway was restored (3.2km long) in 2002.


Flat Hilly Single hill
Lake Land area Seaside River

Public transport


Barrier-free Broken pavements Smooth pavements Cobblestones

Baby friendly activities

Amusement Park Aquapark Aquarium Botanical gardens Beach Lookout Tower Park ZOO


Places in Bushmills

Giant's Causeway

Barrier-free access YES    Baby care room YES   
Review date: 16.12.2017 14:05

60 million years ago, a volcanic activity created this astonishing display, that is nowadays home of rare plants and animals. Giant’s Causeway is one of the most mysterious...

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