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Cardiff (Fortress on Taff in Welsh), the capital of Wales and Europe's youngest metropolis has two centres. One with Victorian and Edwardian streets and gardens, including a Neo-Gothic Cardiff castle and neoclassical town buildings, as well as shopping centres and a covered 19th-century market.

Cardiff is located on a relatively flat area...


Flat Hilly Single hill
Lake Land area Seaside River

Public transport


Barrier-free Broken pavements Smooth pavements Cobblestones

Baby friendly activities

Amusement Park Aquapark Aquarium Botanical gardens Beach Lookout Tower Park ZOO


Places in Cardiff

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You can enjoy different trails at Treetop Adventure Golf. You can choose a tropical trail or ancient explorer trail and them move on to 19th hole bonus hole and win a free...

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Barrier-free access YES    Baby care room YES   
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One of the most popular and oldest UK science center, designed to make real science fun and engaging for all ages, the centre has attracted over 4 million people since it opened...

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