Review date: 21.05.2018 23:46

Nitra is laid-back city in western Slovakia located in the valley of the river with the same name. Although you can see the mountains nearby, city itself is relatively flat. The only exception is the castle. If you are visiting as a tourists, you will not need to use public transport in order to visit the main attractions - castle and synagogue - among...


Flat Hilly Single hill
Lake Land area Seaside River

Public transport


Barrier-free Broken pavements Smooth pavements Cobblestones

Baby friendly activities

Amusement Park Aquapark Aquarium Botanical gardens Beach Lookout Tower Park ZOO


Places in Nitra

Nitra castle

Barrier-free access YES    Baby care room NO   
Review date: 21.05.2018 23:46

Nitra castle is national cultural monument situated on the hill and is perfectly visible from the Old town below. The abandoned pre-christian settlement was in 8th century AD...

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