Bryant Park

New York, United States of America

Barrier-free access YES    Baby care room NO   

Review date: 29.01.2018 17:25
A social place in middle of Manhattan, where people meet and relax in oasis surrounded by Mid Town’s skyscrapers. Located between 40-42nd street, Bryant park attracts both locals and tourists for family and friends activities to do all year round.

During Summer days have a picnic in the park and allow your baby to toddle around the green lawn freely. Once your little munchkin is able to sit, accompany him or her on a carrousel ride or enjoy one of many...


out of city

Getting around with a baby:

stairs babies4free

How to get there

Public transport Barrierless transport Car Taxi By foot Plane Boat Cable car

Place characteristics

leisure resort


All weather Good weather only All year round Summer Winter